Legends of Runeterra is an engaging digital card game that takes place in the colorful world of League of Legends. It’s all about crafting decks with your favorite champions and regions to engage in strategic card battles that will test your skills and wits. What sets this game apart is its commitment to keeping things exciting. Regular updates introduce new cards, strategies, and challenges, ensuring that there’s always something fresh to explore. Even better, it offers a generous free-to-play system, allowing players to earn cards by simply playing the game well, without needing to spend money.

This ensures that everyone, regardless of their budget, can enjoy the game to the fullest. Whether you’re a seasoned card game enthusiast or just have a fondness for the League of Legends universe, this game offers an enjoyable and competitive gaming experience that welcomes players from all walks of life. With its vibrant community and active esports scene, it provides an opportunity to connect with other players worldwide and compete in exciting tournaments, making it not just a game but a thriving gaming community.

Prepaid Denominations

Legends of Runeterra Coins are the lifeblood of the game’s vibrant economy, fueling epic battles in this digital collectible card game crafted by Riot Games. They empower players to unlock new cards, boards, and cosmetic items, whether by earning them through gameplay achievements or purchasing them as desired. With Coins at their disposal, players can tailor their card collections to suit their strategies, adding depth and variety to their gaming adventures and enhancing their overall enjoyment of this immersive card-battling world.

Legends of Runeterra PHP149
375 Riot Cash Validity: 365 days Product Code: RUNETERRA149

Legends of Runeterra PHP249
650 Riot Cash Validity: 365 days Product Code: RUNETERRA249

Legends of Runeterra PHP499
1,350 Riot Cash Validity: 365 days Product Code: RUNETERRA499

Legends of Runeterra PHP749
2,100 Riot Cash Validity: 365 days Product Code: RUNETERRA749

Legends of Runeterra PHP1250
3,600 Riot Cash Validity: 365 days Product Code: RUNETERRA1250

Legends of Runeterra PHP2490
7,500 Riot Cash Validity: 365 days Product Code: RUNETERRA2490

Top Up Guide

How to Redeem a Riot PIN Code in Legends of Runeterra:

  1. Log in to Legends of Runeterra with your Riot account.
  2. Click on the “Coins” button located at the upper right corner.
  3. Select “Riot PIN and Codes.”
  4. Enter your Riot PIN code to complete the transaction.

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