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Wallet Replenishment · LoadCentral
Wallet Replenishment · LoadCentral

Wallet Replenishment

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Top-up to your Loadcentral wallet by transferring the specified amount to any of the provided bank accounts listed on this page. Afterward, proceed with the outlined instructions to verify your deposit.

Metro Bank (MBTC)

Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.
Account Type: Savings Account
Account Number: 055 305 551 7640

  • Interregional Deposit Fee is NOT waived when you deposit over-the-counter
  • Interregional Deposit Fee is shouldered by the retailer or subdealer
  • Waived InstaPay fees on the Metrobank App. FREE transfers for transactions ₱1,000 and below.

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Account Name: RMS Reloads (Philippines) Inc.
Account Type: Current Account
Account Number: 0025 3800 3615
Branch of Account: Legaspi Village – Salcedo St.

  • Interregional Deposit Fee is NOT waived when you deposit over-the-counter
  • Interregional Deposit Fee is shouldered by the retailer or subdealer
  • Depositing payments using BDO Cash Deposit Machine is FREE of charge NATIONWIDE.
  • BDO Online transaction is FREE of charge.

Minimum Recharge Amount

To recharge your LoadCentral retailer account wallet, a minimum amount of ₱500.00 (for retailers) and ₱1000.00 (for subdealers) is necessary. Deposits below these specified amounts will not undergo processing and will not be added to your account.

Automated Verification for LoadCentral Deposits

Ensure you employ the accurate SMS format/syntax when sending messages to our Verification Text Hotline for seamless processing of your load wallet replenishment details. Neglecting to follow this may lead to verification and loading delays.

Please refer to the correct LoadCentral Deposit Verification SMS Syntax.

Deposit Verification Text Hotline

+63 928 508 3355

Deposit verification Using LoadCentral Webtool

Refer to the LoadCentral Deposit Verification FAQ section for guidance on verifying transactions for your LoadCentral wallet.

Verification of Deposits via Email

Email your deposit details directly to:

Provide the following DETAILS :
  • Screenshot or CLEAR photo of your deposit details.
  • LoadCentral Retailer (if you’re a retailer) – mobile#
  • LoadCentral Subdealer (if you’re a subdealer) – mobile#
  • LoadCentral Retailer – 639176543210

REMINDER: Please refrain from submitting multiple deposit verification requests. This will not expedite the process and may result in your email being flagged as spam, leading to non-verification of your deposit details. Lastly, use the subject format only if you are an partner.

Cut-off Times for Deposit Verification

For your reference, please visit our LoadCentral Deposit Verification Schedule FAQ section.

Kindly be aware that the deposit verification cut-off time is specifically intended for deposits made to the bank accounts provided on this page and does not apply to transactions for wallet replenishment.

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