Marvel Super War is a thrilling mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game set in the Marvel Universe. Play as your favorite Marvel characters, team up with others, and engage in intense battles. Whether you’re a Marvel enthusiast or a gaming enthusiast, Marvel Super War offers fast-paced and competitive gameplay. Join players worldwide, strategize with your team, and unleash your superhero or supervillain powers in epic clashes. It’s your chance to be a part of the Marvel Universe’s action-packed battles.

Prepaid Denominations

Marvel Super War Star Coins are in-game currency used to unlock items and cosmetics in the Marvel Super War game, enhancing your gaming experience.

Marvel P20
P20 Razer Gold – 22 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW20

Marvel P50
P50 Razer Gold – 56 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW50

Marvel P100
P100 Razer Gold – 113 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW100

Marvel P300
P300 Razer Gold – 346 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW300

Marvel P500
P500 Razer Gold – 580 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW500

Marvel P1000
P1000 Razer Gold – 1175 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW1000

Marvel P2000
P2000 Razer Gold – 2350 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW2000

Marvel P5000
P5000 Razer Gold – 6025 Star Coins Validity: 365 days Product Code: MSW5000


How to Make a Purchase using Razer Gold PIN for MSW:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your USER ID.
  3. Choose “Razer Gold PIN” as your payment option.
  4. Enter the Serial Number and PIN to complete your purchase.

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