Talk ‘N Text prepaid promos are special offers that give you discounts on calls, texts, and internet usage. These promos help you save money while staying connected with your loved ones. They have different packages to choose from, so you can pick the one that suits your needs and budget. With Talk ‘N Text prepaid promos, you can enjoy more talk time, send more text messages, and use the internet without worrying about high costs. It’s a great way to stay in touch without breaking the bank!

Unli Text Promos

Talk ‘N Text Unli Text” lets you send unlimited text messages to other TNT/Smart/Sun users without message limits or extra charges, making it convenient and cost-effective for frequent texters.

UnliText Plus 15
Unlitext + UNLI calls to TNT/Smart/Sun + 50 all-net texts
Validity: 2 Days   Product Code: TNTUTP15

Unlitext Extra 30 (Enhancement)
Unli All-net SMS, 100mins Tri-net calls, 100MB Tropa Apps
Validity: 2 Days   Product Code: TNTUT30

Willie – UnliTxt150
150 All-net SMS, 150 mins Tri-net calls
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTWUT150

Surf Saya

Talk ‘N Text Surf Saya” is a service that offers affordable mobile internet access, allowing users to browse the web, use apps, and stay connected on a budget. It provides data packages with various options to suit different needs, making it easy to enjoy online activities without high costs.

SURFSAYA FB 20 (for TNT subscribers only)
200MB to 250 MB/day for FB, ML, IG, Tiktok + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 2 Days   Product Code: TNTSAYA20

SURFSAYA FB 30 (for TNT subscribers only)
400 MB to 450 MB MB/day for FB, ML, IG, Tiktok + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 3 Days   Product Code: TNTSAYA30

SURFSAYA FB 99 (for TNT subscribers only)
100 MB ARAW-ARAW for TikTok, IG, FB, ML + 1.5 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 7 Days   Product Code: TNTSAYA99

SURFSAYA FB 199 (for TNT subscribers only)
200 MB ARAW-ARAW for TikTok, IG, FB, ML + 2 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTSAYA199


Talk ‘N Text Pantawid prepaid promo is designed to help you save money on your mobile phone expenses. You can enjoy affordable rates for calls and text messages, making it more convenient and budget-friendly for you to keep in touch with your friends and family.

100 MB + 100 Allnet Mins + 100 Allnet Texts|
Validity: 1 Day   Product Code: PANTAWID10

150 MB + 150 Allnet Mins + 150 Allnet Texts
Validity: 1 Day   Product Code: PANTAWID15

200 MB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 1 Day   Product Code: PANTAWID20


Talk ‘N Text AllNet is your ultimate solution for staying connected with everyone, everywhere. With this versatile offering, you get the freedom to call and text not only within the Talk ‘N Text network but also to other networks and even internationally. It’s the all-in-one communication package designed to meet all your connectivity needs.

50 MB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 2 Days   Product Code: TNTALLNET20

500 MB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 3 Days   Product Code: TNTALLNET50

1 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 7 Days   Product Code: TNTALLNET99

2 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTALLNET299

TNT Facebook

Talk ‘N Text FB brings you closer to the world of social networking like never before. With this fantastic offering, you can access and enjoy Facebook on your mobile device without worrying about data charges.

TNT Facebook 10
200 MB FB araw-araw (Available to TNT Only)
Validity: 3 Days   Product Code: TNTFB10

TNT Facebook 15
1 GB FB for 3 days. Available to TNT only
Validity: 3 Days   Product Code: TNTFB10

TNT Promo Load

TNT Promo Load is your gateway to affordable and value-packed mobile promos. With this offering from Talk ‘N Text, you can enjoy a variety of promos that cater to your specific needs, whether it’s for texting, calling, or mobile data.

TNT Promo Load 200
Promo Load P200 + FREE P22 (non-shareable)
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTPROMO200

TNT Promo Load 300
Promo Load P300 + FREE P33 (non-shareable)
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTPROMO300

TNT Promo Load 500
Promo Load P500 + FREE P55 (non-shareable)
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTPROMO500

Other TNT Prepaid Promos

Stay connected and enjoy exclusive perks by choosing TNT promos exclusively available on the LoadCentral platform. It’s your ticket to a more rewarding and cost-effective mobile experience.

TNT FB+Chat 50
500 MB ARAW-ARAW for FB, IG & WhatsApp
Validity: 7 Days   Product Code: TNTFBCHAT50

1 GB FB & ML
Validity: 7 Days   Product Code:TNTFBML20

Validity: 7 Days   Product Code:TNTFBML20

200 MB ML ARAW-ARAW (Available to TNT Only)
Validity: 3 Days   Product Code: TNTML10

TNT Mobile Legends 15
1 GB FB for 3 days. (Available to TNT Only)
Validity: 3 Days   Product Code: TNTML15

TNT Surfmax 50
800MB all day internet data
Validity: 1 Day   Product Code: TNTSFMX50

TNT Panalo 150
Unli Trinet Calls + Unli Allnet Texts
Validity: 30 Days   Product Code: TNTPANALO150

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