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Your Personal Reload Station: Simplified Prepaid Loading Business

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Your Personal Reload Station: Simplified Prepaid Loading Business

Your Personal Reload Station: Simplified Prepaid Loading Business

Home » Your Personal Reload Station: Simplified Prepaid Loading Business » Updated 19 Apr 2024

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FREE Retailer Account Activation

Activate and set up your retailer sim without any charges! There are no fees for signing up, processing, or getting started. You can operate your LoadCentral retailer account without needing to reach a certain sales goal.

Just follow the simple instructions on this page, which will guide you through everything from signing up to checking your LoadCentral wallet deposits and making sales. Just read carefully and follow the steps. Let’s begin!

Registering as a LoadCentral Retailer with us won’t cost you a thing! There are no fees or hidden costs at all. It’s FREE!

As a gesture of appreciation, we request your help in supporting us, and our partners. Please help us by following all the pages below & sharing the news!

Don’t keep this great chance to yourself. Spread the word to your friends and everyone you know!

When you’re completing our LoadCentral Retailer Registration Form, make sure to give accurate information. Once you’ve sent your registration details, you’ll get an email confirming it, along with a video tutorial explaining the next steps. You can choose to watch the video or continue reading the given instructions.

Once you’ve activated your account, don’t forget to promptly update your account information. Make sure your User settings on the webtool are complete and have the latest details.

To update your information, please complete our LoadCentral Account Update Form.

By keeping your account details current, you’ll automatically be eligible for LoadCentral promotions and giveaways. Don’t let these exciting chances pass you by!

Recharge your LoadCentral wallet to enjoy access discounts on local prepaid loads, suitable for both personal and business purposes!

For information on how to add funds to your wallet, check out our LoadCentral Wallet Replenishment FAQ section.

From personal experience, the webtool is the quickest way to sell or distribute prepaid products compared to selling via Text or SMS.

Why is that? When you use the webtool, each time you sell or distribute, your request goes directly to the system itself.

In contrast, with SMS, the product you’re trying to sell goes through telecom companies like Globe or Smart before reaching the LoadCentral server for the product request.

Frequently, this is a reason for delays or failures in receiving load, often due to issues with the telecom provider’s network.

For a detailed explanation with pictures, take a look at our LoadCentral Retailer Webtool FAQ Section.

LoadCentral Android App

Visit our LoadCentral App FAQ section to learn about the benefits and reasons why you should explore this incredible tool! Discover the advantages and convenience it offers for your prepaid loading needs. Don’t miss out on a smooth and effective experience.

SMS Syntax

If you’re using a basic phone, you have the choice to dispense prepaid using SMS syntax. For instructions on how to sell using SMS syntax, catering to those with simple phones, refer to our LoadCentral SMS Guide for Retailers.


Head over to our Downloads Page for the most up-to-date LoadCentral Discount Structure and Product list.


Stay well-informed with important LoadCentral updates and advisories by following all the Facebook pages listed in Step #1. These pages provide timely information about schedules, connection updates, power outages, and other factors that could impact LoadCentral-related operations.

You can also subscribe to our RSS FEEDS to automatically receive emails whenever we release LoadCentral Product Updates and Advisories.

Need Help?

Before reaching out to or sending a support request, we suggest checking our websites first, as most information is already published there.

Furthermore, please explore our FAQ section, which has answers to common LoadCentral issues. You can use the search bar for quick access to the information you require.

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