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May 6, 2019  5:52 pm

Register a Lifetime LoadCentral Subdealer Account. Register Unlimited number of LoadCentral Retailers. FREE LoadCentral Gaming Posters & Brochures!

Please read and understand everything that is written on this Subdealer registration page before you register as a LoadCentral Subdealer under

When you register as a LoadCentral Subdealer, your main role is to sign-up retailers, assist them with their LoadCentral account related concerns and supply them with wallet load.

For every sale of your registered retailer, you will receive an overriding commission known as the Gross Retailer Override (GRO). The commission will be automatically added real-time onto your existing wallet.

Meaning no matter what time of the day it is, no matter what product is dispensed, as long as it’s your own retailer dispensing, you will receive a corresponding commission. The more retailers you signup the bigger your earnings will be. To clarify, you must have ACTIVE retailers in order for you to ear commission from their sales.

First – The main office has authorized us, to have the liberty to do our own rules for recruiting suddealers, retailers and setting required initial investment.

Second – The initial investment that we require for dealers is way lower than what the Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc. (LoadCentral main) requires. Mainly because want to be able to help other people who wants to earn extra income and start their own small eLoad business.

Third – LoadCentral is NOT a multi level marketing Company (MLM) or networking company where you need to recruit down-lines. There is no middle man. It’s only you as a dealer and your group of retailers. All the earnings and commission that you will get from your retailers is fully yours and the amount that you will deposit for your wallet is consumable up to the last cent.

Lastly – has been operating since 2005 and one of the pioneers in this LoadCentral prepaid eLoad business / reloading business industry. is not a fly-by-night dealer who just recruits LoadCentral retailers and Subdealers and just *poofs* one day. In addition, we will always be here for you every step of the way.

Generally speaking, makes Subdealer Registration easy for you with the easy step-by-step guide we provide below. Just read and follow them and leave the rest to us. Without doubt is the right LoadCentral dealer for you! especially when you READ and FOLLOW the simple eload business – Subdealer registration steps written on this page.


  • Submit an application using our LoadCentral Subdealer Application for Registration form.
  • Initial investment of ₱20,000.00 which will be your initial LoadCentral Wallet. Contact us on Facebook for exciting promos! Just message us the PROMO CODE : "SUB18"
  • Clear scanned copy of ANY / 1 (one) of the following :
    ◦ Voter's ID
    ◦ Postal ID
    ◦ Driver's License
    ◦ UMID (Unified Multi-purpose ID Card)
  • ₱1499.00 Registration Fee.

To point out, the scanned copy or photo of your VALID government issued ID that we require for this Subdealer registration must be readable and clear. NOT blurry and expired. To put it another way, invalid credentials and incomplete details can cause delays processing your Subdealer registration. Please see the list of Acceptable Government Issued IDs.

Why are we asking for these kinds of ID?

This is to prove your legitimacy and to prove that you do not have the intention to scam other people. We apologize in advance to anyone who might consider this rude on our part – this is truly not our intent. We are just doing our job properly and we take this business seriously and yours too.

1499.00Php Activation Fee Includes the Following :

  • Lifetime LoadCentral Subdealer Account.
  • UNLIMITED Retailer Registration
  • No Quota
  • No Minimum Monthly LoadCentral Wallet Replenishment
  • LoadCentral Poster for your establishment (L)
  • LoadCntral Posters for your future retailers (S)
  • LoadCentral SMS Guides & Webtool Manuals
  • Calling Cards / Marketing Flyers
  • Load Booklets
  • Exclusive updates sent directly to your email.

How to register as a LoadCentral Subdealer in 3 (three) simple steps?

kindly please FOLLOW the steps below to start your very own eLoad Business and be your own boss!

  • STEP #1 : Submit your Registration Details by filling out this FORM
  • STEP 2 : Deposit the ₱20,000 initial wallet amount required for a LoadCentral subdealer account to any UNIWIZ TRADE SALES BANK ACCOUNTS Kindly please contact us on Facebook to check if we have an existing promo. Just message us the PROMO CODE : "SUB18"
  • STEP 3 : Deposit the ₱1,499.00 Registration Fee to any Bank Accounts then verify your payment and send us your shipping details using our deposit verification form.

To all EXISTING RETAILERS : You need to provide another mobile# to register register as your LoadCentral SubDealer account. After registration, you can request to transfer your existing LoadCentral Retailer account UNDER your SubDealer account.


  • Be cautious of fake dealers and scammers.
  • Be alert to the dangers of fake LoadCentral offers and promos. If it's too good to be true, then it probably is. Please report any suspicious promos.
  • Beware of fake, cheap-looking websites. Fake sites masquerading as big brands don’t necessarily have the time and investment dedicated to them as the real thing. Be suspicious if words are misspelt or pictures and logos look shoddy.
  • Beware COPYCATS. There is ONLY 1 LoadCentral Dealer. There are a LOT of poser and impostors out there.
  • Fake Facebook accounts using our profile picture masquerading as representative. Please be reminded that we DO NOT have any personal Facebook account.

You are free to verify our credibility with the main office. Ask them about LoadCentral Dealer. You can find contact information on this PAGE.

Looking for LoadCentral Retailer Registration Form?

If you are not ready for this subdealer registration eload business and become a LoadCentral Subdealer, no worries! you can always upgrade your retailer account with us. In that case, Click this PAGE for the LoadCentral Retailer Registration Form.

Not yet registered? ⭐️ Start your own eload business now!

Partner with us and be a part of the most successful and undisputed number one universal loading platform in the country. Trusted since 2005.

visit this PAGE to view our eLoad Business Packages.

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