Latest LoadCentral Retailer Webtool Guide

1. Open your web browser and go to the LoadCentral Webtool website,

2. Log in to your retailer account by keying in your assigned username and password. Default password for NEWLY registered account is 123456. Your login credentials will be sent via SMS and /or email.

3. Once signed in to your Retailer account, change your passwords IMMEDIATELY. Go to (1) Profile > (2) Settings > (3) Change Password :

IMPORTANT: Webtool access will be LOCKED if SL password remains in Default after 15 minutes of registration.

Changing your LoadCentral Webtool Password

1. Populate the entire field required:

  • FL/SMS Password (default is 123456)
  • Current Webtool Password (default is 123456)
  • NEW Webtool Password
  • Key-in again your NEW Webtool Password to verify

2. Click Change Password

NOTE: Retailer account has two 2 passwords:
FL password – for SMS-based transactions
SL password – for signing in to the LoadCentral Webtool

Things to remember

  • Webtool Password MUST be limited from 6 to 10 characters ONLY. Combination of letters and numbers is allowed.
  • When setting NEW passwords, FL and SL password should NOT be the same. Otherwise, the account will be LOCKED.
  • Do not give out login details TO ANYONE.
  • Login only at the OFFICIAL LoadCentral Webtool
  • In case you have forgotten your password/s, you can send a RESET password request:

▪► If username is mobile number, request will be sent via SMS using the registered mobile
number. Follow the format below:

   ▪▪► RESETFL/SL send to 09285067310 (CSR TXTHotline)

▪► If username is alphanumeric, request will be sent via email at

   ▪▪► Once RESET request has been processed, TEMPORARY password will be 1234567. Account must be accessed immediately as the temporary password will expire at 12 midnight.

Selling LoadCentral Prepaid Products

  2. Select a Product Category
  3. Select a Telco product (if selling e-Load)
  4. Fill-out the form:
    a. Click the drop down arrow to select the item to sell or type the product name;
    b. Enter buyer’s cellphone number
    c. Enter the quantity (default is 1; applicable for e-PIN products ony)
  5. Click SELL PRODUCT to complete your transaction

Monitoring Sales Transactions and Earnings

Retailers can generate a detailed sales report of all the transactions within a chosen start and end date. On the side menu click REPORTS > CHOOSE “Start Date” > CHOOSE “End Date” > Click “SUBMIT”.

TIP: It is highly recommended to generate transactions daily to track your sales and earnings.

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