Advantages of using the LoadCentral Webtool

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There are a lot of advantages using the LoadCentral webtool instead of manually transacting using the LoadCentral SMS syntax :

  • No SMS cost since transaction is via web interface.
  • Faster and more efficient since it by-passes our access SMS #’s.
  • For the ePIN that was just sold, the details are displayed on the PC monitor. The retailer can just write it in a piece of paper in the event that there are delays in SMS.
  • Even if all the carriers’ SMS systems are down, the retailer can still dispense e-PINs by selling to his own account.
  • A retailer can do advance selling to himself of fast-movers. He can either write it in pieces of paper or print the ePINs.
  • Can sell a maximum of 10 e-PINs of the same product denom per transaction.
  • A static IP address offers the best security for the retailer since transaction using the web tool can only be done in his shop. The DSL ISP normally provide this.
  • In the absence of a static IP address, the retailer can use the web lock feature of the system.

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