One of the largest virtual credits for gamers worldwide. Access over 2,000 games and credits. Get more value and benefits when you Pay with Razer or reload your wallet.


The global loyalty rewards program for gamers, backed by Razer. Explore various ways of earning Razer Silver. Redeem a full suite of Razer gear and digital rewards in our catalog.


In line with our rebranding initiative, we would like to announce the following:

Razer and MOL Global have combined forces to bring you better game content and a better gaming experience. With a unified Razer Gold platform, you get to access virtual credits from over 1 million online and offline channels, plus get more back on your purchases with Razer Silver rewards. Reload Razer Gold account with Razer PIN today.

Product NameProduct CodeRetailer %
Razer PIN 20Razer206.50%
Razer PIN 50Razer506.50%
Razer PIN 100Razer1006.50%
Razer PIN 150Razer1506.50%
Razer PIN 250Razer2506.50%
Razer PIN 300Razer3006.50%
Razer PIN 500Razer5006.50%
Razer PIN 1000Razer10006.50%
Razer PIN 2000Razer20006.50%
Razer PIN 5000Razer50006.50%


Upgrade to Razer at gold.razer.com/upgrade

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