LoadCentral Subdealer Registration Form

Kindly please fill out the LoadCentral Subdealer Application for Registration form correctly and make sure that your application for registration doesn’t go straight to the ‘DECLINED’ folder.

DO NOT use ALL CAPS while filling out the form for it depicts SHOUTING. Please, let’s all be polite and practice good Netiquette.


Please do not use Facebook browser why filling this form. Use Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE or Firefox. You will not going to be able to attach your ID if you are using Facebook browser on any device.


Please type YES to acknowledge that you have read and understood all the information stated on our LoadCentral Subdealer Registration page. (-)

Personal Information

In order to protect your account, we need to know who you are. Please make sure to provide accurate information and ensure the spellings are correct.
Last Name

First Name

Middle Initial


Birth Date

Facebook Profile

NOTE : We will NOT contact you on Facebook. We will ask YOU to contact US on our Facebook PAGE if needed. Your Facebook profile will only be used as REFERENCE and for verification purposes only. Please provide the FULL URL. Buong web address po ang kailangan namin.

EXAMPLE : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=000000000000000 or facebook.com/username

Contact Information

Contact info must be correct and up-to-date so we can easily reach you.
Home Address



Home Contact #

Business Information

If you do not own or not operating a business, please indicate N/A on all fields under this category.
Business Name

Business Address



Business Contact #

Identification Information

Please see the List of Acceptable Valid ID's.
ID Type

ID Number

Please Attach a Clear Image of your VALID Government Issued I.D.

please re-size the photo. acceptable file types : .gif, .png, .jpg. acceptable file zize : 5000kb

Subdealer Login Information

Mobile # To Be Registered (format must be 639XXXXXXXXX)

Email Address This will be the email address assigned to your LoadCentral account. Please make sure po na tama, valid at na access po ninyo ang email address po ninyo. Hassle po mag pa palit ng email address.


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