LoadCentral Features & Benefits

Looking to earn some hassle free extra income? Loadcentral can be exactly what you are looking for! Buy and sell eload and ePins at a discounted rate anytime and anywhere to yourself, family or loved ones. No registration fee and only a very minimal start up capital. You can sell many popular prepaid card products such as e-load, prepaid call cards, prepaid internet cards, online gaming cards and more without having any physical card purchased. That is what a LoadCentral retailer can do and can also sell prepaid airtime credits via a PC with internet or mobile phone. It is like a one-stop reloading station, what more can you ask for? Register now!

  • Minimum capital needed.
  • Can register any active pre-paid or post-paid mobile phone from any of the carriers (Smart, Globe and Sun) or any retailer SIM from Smart, Globe and Sun.
  • FREE registration and sim activation.
  • Three (3) means or applications of selling eLoads and ePINs
    ◦ Via SMS
    ◦ PC with internet connection using the LoadCentral Webtool.
    ◦ Using the LoadCentral Official Retailer App for Android devices.
  • LoadCentral has over 500+ products and denominations including ePins of International Online Games that are only available at LoadCentral. Click HERE to view the LoadCentral Product List.
  • All those available products and not a thing to worry about inventory. No risk of losing any card.
  • No worries on card expiration.
  • Capital not tied up to any specific prepaid product.
  • Free LoadCentral posters & gaming posters. Terms & Conditions apply
  • Safe due to locking feature in cases the mobile unit being used is lost or stolen. Existing balance can be transferred to a new registered account.
  • LoadCentral Webtool access can be locked via SMS when transactions are done for the day.
  • System-generated sales transaction report. No need to manually list down all sales if selling is done using the web tool

Not yet registered? ⭐️ Start your own eload business now!

Partner with us and be a part of the most successful and undisputed number one universal loading platform in the country. Trusted since 2005.

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