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Kindly please read and understand everything that is written on this page para hindi po tayo paulit-ulit. We will NOT entertain questions that has already been answered on this page. Thank you in advance for understanding.


  • RET002 - Included in BATCH SHIPMENT
  • RET003 - NEXT DAY SHIPPING (Payment CUT OFF 2:00pm. business days only. EXCLUDING Mondays.)
  • Shipments are ONLY done twice or 3(three) times a month. Please refer to "How your order is being processed?" section below.
  • Shipping & Handling or Processing fees are non-refundable.

How your order is being processed?

  • RET002 and SubDealer Registrations fall under "BATCH SHIPMENT" category. Scheduled to be picked-up by the assigned rider of our courier twice or 3(three) times a month. There is no specific date or schedule. Please check our Facebook page or your email for notification.
  • For transit times, please refer to "Transit times from day of pick-up" section below.
  • RET003 Registrations - NEXT DAY SHIPPING (business days only. EXCLUDING Mondays. Payment cut off is 2:00pm) LoadCentral shall not be liable for :

  • Delay caused by LoadCentral client’s failure to provide accurate delivery address information.
  • Delay caused by consignee’s refusal to accept shipment.
  • Damaged or lost parcels

Once shipped, LoadCentral shall not be liable for delayed, damaged or lost parcel. We will ensure that your order will be wrapped properly and in good condition before shipping out.

Delivery & Transit Times

XEND™ (our courier) will make reasonable efforts to handle, transport and deliver packages to their destination within the prescribed delivery transit times. XEND™ is not obligated to advise the shipper that transit times may not be met due to operational constraints. Please refer to Xend’s Terms & Conditions.

Transit times from day of pick-up:

  • Metro Manila destinations: two (2) to three (3) business days
  • Provincial destinations: AT LEAST Three (3) business days depending on your parcel's destination.

Tracking Your Order

As mentioned, “Once your payment is verified, your order will be processed and you will receive an email with your tracking number. Please refer to “How your order is being processed?” section above.

Please do not ask us for updates or where your parcel is or for details about when the parcel will exactly arrive to your doorstep. We are not obliged to give an update about your order. Again, we are not liable for any parcel once it has been shipped. Please do not ask an update from us, we are not the courier. If you demand to be spoon fed of updates on your parcel, please do not place an order from us.

You may track your order on their website and the tracking progress is usually updated after the parcel has been picked up and usually the next business day.

How To Follow Up The Status Of Your Parcel?

If the tracking progress on the website is not being updated or no update at all, please contact XEND directly via email – or at telephone number (63) 02 660-9363 (XEND) and provide your tracking number. and ask for an update. You should receive a reply within 24 hours.

What if my parcel is declared as lost?

Please contact us on this Facebook page – mention – “LOST PARCEL” and provide the following :

  • your registered mobile#
  • your Payment & Shipping Ref#

For LoadCentral Partners

All terms and conditions stated on this page applies to all REGISTERED LoadCentral Retailers & Subdealers under LoadCentral Dealer.

  • For full SubDealer Registrations Information, please visit this PAGE.
  • For Retailer Registration Promos and Packages, please visit this PAGE.

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